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D’Marie Mulattieri

D’Marie Mulattieri is running a grassroots campaign. She is a passionate role model in getting money out of politics. With that being said it is understandable that we do need contributions to operate a campaign. Funds are needed for professional printing of yard signs and fliers and any other advertising that can be squeezed out of our modest budget. Please help elect D’Marie Mulattieri to the US House of Representatives to represent her constituents in California CD-39. She is an Independent choice for voters who want a choice.┬áD’Marie votes issues not party.


D’Marie’s campaign fund is “Friends of D’Marie Mulattieri” Committee ID: C00520049

Checks made payable to “Friends of D’Marie Mulattieri” may be mailed to D’Marie Mulattieri, P O Box 243, Laguna Beach, CA 92863

We thank you for your generosity in helping elect D’Marie Mulattieri to US Congress.

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Campaign contributions are not tax-deductible.